Music Beta by Google

25 Jun

I am celebrating today because I got the exclusive invite to beta test the new Music Beta by Google.  I love getting these technology invites, I think they excite me more than buying new makeup.

Here is what I have discovered thus far:

1. Upon logging in you can download and install Music Manager which lets you upload your music library.

2. You choose the genres of music that you like the most and then you get a bunch of free songs that you can start streaming right away.

3. In order to play the music you don’t need to download anything on the computer so it’s very user friendly and straightforward.

4. You can only stream your music on one device/computer at a time.

5. You cannot stream on the iphone [insert sad face] but if you have an Android phone you can!

Google is still giving out invites so if you would like to get on the list go to:

I am looking forward to continuing my exploration of this Music by Google.

I wonder how much of my music I can upload to it… hmm… I might have to remote in to the home PC.

English vs. Spanish

13 Jun

I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to accomplish with this blog.  So I took some time off to think and decide.  There is so much going on around me at all times.

I felt that I had to do a blog in Spanish so that my family in Mexico would be able to understand but I don’t think only in Spanish.  I think and feel both languages.  I embrace the opportunity to speak Spanish anytime I can, I feel at ease speaking my native tongue with Spanish speakers and it just flows so naturally.  Yet English is always my go-to and language of comfort.

I don’t want this blog to be about one language I want it to be about me, my feelings and my thoughts.  Whichever way they come out and in whichever language they come out in.


MAC Quite Cute Collection

8 Apr
I’ve been a little bummed out this week so I really needed something to perk me up.  Since I am currently traveling for work I tend to hang out at the local mall.  I stopped by the M.A.C. store and noticed their new collection… Quite Cute…. I wasn’t sure I would like it but all it took was walking by the M.A.C. counter at Nordstroms and seeing how the M.A.C. girls were wearing the new shades of lipstick.  I was hooked!
I couldn’t purchase anything from the collection until today, their launch date.  I was hoping that none of the things I liked had sold out and I was in luck tonight!
I purchased two items from the Quite Cute collection and two others to go with it…
Candy Yum-Yum
I got the Candy Yum-Yum lipstick; it is slightly neon pink and bright.  What’s amazing about it is that it looks FANTASTIC on all skin tones.  I saw two of the M.A.C. girls try it on, one with white complexion and the other with ebony complexion and it just rocked. 
I wasn’t sure it would look good on me but I tried it on anyway… I was pleasantly surprised.  The M.A.C. girls paired it with the Magenta Lip Pencil and it makes a huge difference.  I think because the color is so matte and creamy it tends to get a little lost on the lips but once you add the Magenta Lip Pencil it defines the mouth in a very pretty way.  So I bought both of them!
Boldly Bare Lip Pencil

The other item I picked up was the Boldly Bare Lip Pencil, it matched the tone of my lips perfectly and it has this beautiful, smooth texture.  It reminded me a lot of my one time favorite Lip Pencil from The Body Shop.  The nude colors seem to be in right now and this is just a beautiful, classic nude which I think will go well past this season.

Lustre Drops in Sun Rush
Another new item released today is the Lustre Drops Bronze in Sun Rush… it’s a liquid bronzer much like the NARS Illuminator… it’s definitely not like the NARS Orgasm which I love but I definitely love the Lustre Drops in a different way.  It’s a different shade and the sheen is just remarkable.

I also tried on two other items from the Quite Cute collection but they didn’t make the cut… the Naked Lip Liner was way too light on my lips.  It almost looked white on my complexion so it was nixed.  I paired it with the Saint Germain Lipstick but together they were just an explosion of BAD!!!

The collection is very pretty but I don’t see myself buying anything else… they have beautiful shades of nail polish, reminiscent of the Hard Candy nailpolish from the ’90’s.  The blush and eyeshadow quad are also not too much my thing because the colors are so light.  Besides I am holding out for Kat Von D to release her new palettes because I truly love her eyeshadows.
Check out the whole collection on the M.A.C. website at M.A.C. Quite Cute collection


6 Apr

Today I received my first pair of shoes from Sole Society and I am blown away.

About a month ago I came accross the website which is a sister site by; the premise is that you create a style profile and their stylists choose six pairs of shoes to match your personality.  I was given the Classic, Understated, Elegant profile.  I should have made a screenshot of the six choices for you to see but at the time I wasn’t thinking about blogging about it.  I’ll make sure I post the new choices in the future.
The best part of it all is the price, $49.95 for a pair and it includes shipping and handling.  On top of everything I also received a coupon for $10.00 off so it was a no-brainer.

I chose a pair of platform heels with snake print on leather.  The leather is soft and feels high quality.  The soles are soft and have a bit of traction.  They are so high I don’t know that I can pull these off for work, unless I wear long black pants to hide a bit of the heel.  I had seen a pair like these in Bakers and I was dying to get them but they were priced at $89.00.

I must say I am very happy with this purchase and I will definintely be purchasing more shoes from them.


6 Apr

Hoy recibí mi primer par de zapatos de la compañía; el formato de este sitio es que hacen perfil de moda… de zapatos. Te dan seis opciones para escoger cada mes, todas correspondiendo a la temporada y a la moda. Lo mejor de todo es el precio, $49.95 e incluye el precio de envió.

Después de que tome el cuestionario me dieron el resultado de mi estilo: Clasic, Understated, Elegant. Creo que está bien… algunas de las musas que escogí fueron Victoria Bekham y Gwen Stefani.
Debí haber tomado un “screenshot” de las seis opciones que tenía para mostrarles las otras, pero en el momento no tenía la inspiración para este blog. Además de que aproveche que me mandaron un cupón de descuento y tuve que aprovechar que me saldrían más baratitas.
Bueno, las que escogí son unas zapatillas altísimas con plataforma, y con estampado de víbora. Se ven igualitas en persona que en la compu. El material se siente de calidad, están hechas de piel y la suela esta suave pero con tracción. Aquí les pongo la foto de mis nuevas babies! ¿Qué les parecen? ¿Ya se apuntaron para este sitio? Es padre por lo menos para ver que zapatos recomiendan basado en la personalidad.
Si quieren ver un poco más aquí está el link, por favor apóyenme y chéquenlo. A ver si me mandan algunas fotos de los estilos que les toquen.


6 Apr

>Mi nombre es Ileana y este es mi primer blog en español. E tenido blogs en ingles en el pasado pero ahora me gustaría comenzar este blog con un nuevo propósito.
A pesar de que el español es mi primer idioma he vivido en Estados Unidos desde los 9 años. Nací en México y me siento mexicana hasta el corazón pero también me gusta mucho la vida americana y no la cambiaría por nada.
Espero recibir sus comentarios en inglés o español.
¡Hasta pronto!

Nail it!

5 Apr

Ever since I tried the new Sally Hansen nail polish strips I got hooked on doing my own nails because it was so incredibly easy.

I had always hated doing my nails because I don’t have a steady hand and more important, patience to do it right.
However, with my extra alone time in the hotel I figured I would give it a go again.

I didn’t want to make a big bucks investment so I went to the local Walmart to see what was available.

I found the Wet n Wild line had amazingly awesome colors and priced at less than $2.00 botte.
I picked up four of them and below I will tell you what I think about the first one…
It’s called Wet n Wild Megalast in Undercover (206B)
The color is a little pink and delicate. It’s also not very sheer.
Being a newbie at doing my nails I first tried it by just applying two coats of polish.

It lasted for two days and then chipped. I figured it would be best to add a top coat, so I go the Wet n Wild Shine Clear nail protector. This was a much better combination. I did one coat of Undercover followed by a top coat of the clear protector.

All in all here is what I liked about this nail polish, one the color is right on trend, the application was simple and the new little bottles with small wands made it really easy for me to handle. I especially liked the cost because I basically gave myself a manicure for less than $2.50… if it chips I won’t feel bad that I overspent.

If anyone reads this and has some suggestions please share them, I would love to know what tricks other people have when applying nail polish.


5 Apr

>I’ve had a blog for years and gone back and forth on how much to share, when to share, etc.

I find it difficult to make meaningful relationships with people because of the nature of my job. I’m always on the go, always busy and tied up with something or other.

I’d like this blog to be an outlet for my fun side, perhaps a way for me to connect with other people.

So to tell you about myself…

My name is Ileana, I am in management for a living. My job takes me from the east coast to Chicago – where I call home – and along my travels I come across many interesting things.

I love trying new things, new food, new makeup, new everything… whenever I hear of something new I want to try it right away.

I am also married – four years going on five – I don’t have children yet but hope to someday. I realize this blog will open people up to my personal side but I hope to keep it light and not so personal it scares people away.

I am also Mexican, born and raised only until the age of nine. I have been in the states for a long time, so much that my husband sometimes tells me I am more American than he is – he’s very, very American.

I’d like to incorporate a bit of my own culture and I hope to connect with people from all walks of life, nationalities, etc.

Please feel free to send me messages!